Throwing it back on Thursday. I took these pics in November 2013?! Wow time goes soooo fast! I just realized I've had my blog for almost two years now!  It's been so fun and I'm really glad I started one and stuck at it because for these two years I've been constantly questioning if doing a blog was a good idea? And it is! So if there is some sort of project you've been wanting to do, just go for it because there is no better time then the present! xx

Think Coffee!

Met up with a friend for coffee yesterday ( all I do is drink coffeeee) around Union Square. We both ordered Spanish lattes, didn't even know those were a drink option but apparently it's a latte with a little bit of condensed milk. Delicious! Hope your Wednesday is going well! I think after work, Vladimir and I are going to go shopping at one of our favorite Russian grocery stores, I really like these chip type snacks they have there! 

Talk to you later xx